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Enables reduction of the memory footprint of the Java™ runtime environment when concurrently running multiple Java invocations.

This option is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

Start of content that applies only to Java 8 (LTS) This option can be used only with Java SE version 8 runtime environments. End of content that applies only to Java 8 (LTS)

-Xzero might not be appropriate for all types of applications because it changes the implementation of java.util.ZipFile, which might cause extra memory usage.


Setting Effect
-Xzero:none Disable all sub options
-Xzero:describe Prints the sub options in effect
-Xzero:sharebootzip Enables the sharebootzip sub option
-Xzero:nosharebootzip Disables the sharebootzip sub option

The following parameters are no longer supported. The options are parsed but do nothing:

Setting Effect
-Xzero:j9zip Enables the j9zip sub option
-Xzero:noj9zip Disables the j9zip sub option
-Xzero:sharezip Enables the sharezip sub option
-Xzero:nosharezip Disables the sharezip sub option