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(AIX®, Linux®, macOS®, and z/OS® only)

This option affects the handling of the SIGUSR2 signal. This signal is user-defined and triggers the user2 event, which is commonly used for taking system dump files with exclusive access. The operating system installs a default signal handler for handling SIGUSR2. If there is no VM or application signal handler, then the operating system's signal handler is used.


Setting Effect Default
-XX:+HandleSIGUSR2 Enable yes
-XX:-HandleSIGUSR2 Disable


When enabled, the VM handles the SIGUSR2 signal and generates the user2 event, which can be configured with the -Xdump option to trigger a dump agent.

When the option is disabled, the VM does not handle the SIGUSR2 signal and therefore, the VM signal handler is not installed. Generally, the default operating system handler that is installed for the SIGUSR2 signal takes over the handling of the signal.

For more information about the signals and signal handling, see Signal handling.

Note: Do not use the -XX:+HandleSIGUSR2 and -Xrs options together. An error is thrown if both options are enabled. To resolve this error, one of the options should be disabled.

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