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This option specifies classes to be pre-hashed. Objects that are created from these classes are hashed and extended with a slot to store the assigned hash value when the object is created or first moved during the garbage collection process. This option might improve performance for applications that frequently hash objects of a certain type.


Setting Effect
-XX:+EnsureHashed:<classes> Specify classes
-XX:-EnsureHashed:<classes> Ignore classes

Where <classes> is a comma-separated list of fully qualified class names, for example, java/lang/String.


The -XX:+EnsureHashed:<classes> option specifies the classes and the -XX:-EnsureHashed:<classes> option ignores classes that were previously specified. These options are parsed left to right.

For example, -XX:+EnsureHashed:Class1,Class2,Class3 -XX:-EnsureHashed:Class2 -XX:+EnsureHashed:Class2,Class4 -XX:-EnsureHashed:Class1,Class3 results in the set of EnsureHashed classes {Class2, Class4}.

Objects that are created from classes Thread and Class are allocated in the tenure region directly and therefore, do not get moved by the garbage collector often. It takes time for such pre-tenured objects to get hashed and extended with a slot. To pre-hash those objects from the start and hence, improve the performance,-XX:+EnsureHashed:java/lang/Class,java/lang/Thread is added to the list of default options in the options.default file.

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