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This option enables or disables the caching of AOT-compiled methods in the JITServer server.


Setting Effect Default
-XX:+JITServerUseAOTCache Enable yes
-XX:-JITServerUseAOTCache Disable


When you enable this option, the JITServer server caches the AOT-compiled methods. When a JITServer client requests an AOT compilation and the requested method exists in the cache, the server does not have to recompile the method. This feature, therefore, improves the CPU utilization of the JITServer technology and of the cluster.

Note: This option must be enabled both at the client JVM and at the server. Although this option is by default enabled at the server, it is still disabled for the JITServer clients. That means that you don't have to specify the -XX:+JITServerUseAOTCache option at the server to enable the JITServer AOT caching feature, but you must specify this option for each client who wants to use this feature.

The -XX:+JITServerShareROMClasses option is also enabled by default at the server because this option is a prerequisite for the -XX:+JITServerUseAOTCache option.

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