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-Xrs:onRestore / -Xrs:syncOnRestore

(Linux® x86, Linux on POWER® (Little Endian), Linux on AArch64, and Linux on IBM Z® only)

The -Xrs option is an existing option for disabling signal handling in the VM. CRIU support adds new suboptions onRestore and syncOnRestore for disabling signal handling when you restore a VM.

If the VM was started with signal handling enabled, then when you restore the VM, the signal handling is enabled by default. It is possible that there are frames with attached signal handlers already on the stack. These frames remain unchanged and their signal handlers remain active. Likewise, some global handlers might not be removed as well. The new options prevent the addition of new signal handlers and force recompilation of Java™ methods that make use of the existing signal handlers.

Restrictions: This option takes effect only when the -XX:+EnableCRIUSupport option is enabled. This option can be used only on restore.




The -Xrs:onRestore option is similar to the -Xrs option.



The -Xrs:syncOnRestore option is similar to the -Xrs:sync option.

Although there are similarities between the existing options and the new CRIU related options, there are behavioural differences that limits what can be disabled with the existing options at the restore time.

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