OpenJ9 JDK 22

These are the OpenJ9 extensions to this module. Refer to for the reference implementation documentation.
Defines an API for checkpointing the JVM using CRIU.
Provides access to CUDA-capable devices from Java.
Packed decimal and decimal data access accelerator API.
Diagnostic Tool Framework for Java™ (DTFJ) The Diagnostic Tool Framework for Java™ (DTFJ) is a Java application programming interface (API) used to support the building of Java diagnostic tools.
Defines the jdmpview tool for reading system core and java core diagnostic files.
Defines API to perform certain operations using any connected CUDA capable GPU, such as sorting arrays of natives types.
Defines API for creating diagnostic dump files, querying and controlling OS logging, querying Java heap and OS memory stats, and controlling and logging trace file output.
Defines the shared class cache API.
Provides the traceformat utility for formatting binary trace files.
Provides the ConditionException class for z/OS Language Environment condition handling.